A5 1 Day - Eco-Friendly PADDED - 2023 (Ref: CD1PECO.2023)
Eco Cover
Eco Back Cover
Page Layout
Overview of Diary

The paper used in our Eco-Friendly Diary is 100% Recycled - that's genuinely Eco-Friendly.

Format: One Page a Day, appointments

Cover: Marble Green Soft Padded

Binding: thread sewn, casebound Matt Green

Features: 100% Recycled paper, special “eco” ribbon, plus interesting Eco editorial - also colourful images of nature and wildlife.

Other Features: Ireland/United Kingdom & International data, holidays, notable dates & dialing codes; religious calendars; 3 year calendar; conversions, first aid, moon phases, add/tel, notes and  accounts pages; time zones.

Size: A5 (146 x 208mm, 6 x 8.5 in.)

US $14.75
Ref: CD1PECO.2023
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