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CD1P Plum 2015 Linking to http://www.obriendiaries.com/quality-2015-a5-desk-diaries-CAT178P0.html#CD1P.2015
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A4 Size
2015/16 Mid Year ELITE Diary


Quarto Size
2015 Diaries


A5 Size
2015 Desk Diaries 


Executive Pocket
2015 Diaries

Practical Desk calendar 2015 Linking to http://www.obriendiaries.com/calendars-2015-CAT58P0.html#CAL9
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Eco Diary Cover 2015 Linking to http://www.obriendiaries.com/quality-green-eco-desk-diary-2014-CAT56P0.html

Desk Calendar


Deluxe Celtic Journal


Green Eco Diary 2015
Recycled 2015

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 Linking to http://www.obriendiaries.com/calendars-CAT58P0.html
 Linking to http://www.obriendiaries.com/calendars-CAT58P0.html
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2015 Calendars

2016 Diaries. 

Though we constantly rely on technology to help run our lives, the traditional Desk or Pocket diary cannot be replaced by a selection of digital calendars and alerts. Personalised diaries are an essential purchase for those of us who like to keep life organised. We've been crafting personalised diaries for the local and international markets for over 30 years.

A4 Diary 2016. A4 2016 Diary

The A4 diary offers more writing space on a day-to-day basis, so you'll be able to scribble in every last detail about your day. Don't get caught short with a plain-looking A4 diary - choose from a variety of stylish and practical designs to suit even the fussiest of timekeepers.

Desk Diary 2016 

We also provide diaries to the commercial sector. We use our in-house manufacturing skills to offer full customisation of our diary range - including bespoke coloured covers, corporate information pages, bound into the diary, printed ribbon markers and other options. If you're looking for a spacious yet meticulously organised desk diary - check out Ireland's best and stylish range of desk diaries. Any O’Brien 2016 desk diary contains the year-on-year data you need to effectively arrange your schedule weeks and months in advance. Take a look at our distinctive A5 and A4 diary designs for great gift ideas! Aside from stylish diaries, we also make deluxe writing journals for the keen diary-writer.

Academic Diaries 2015-16 

Here at O’Brien's, we specialise in producing a range of high quality and colourful 2015/2016 academic diaries- not only created for efficient use, but also designed and bound to look and feel good. Keep your school or university work on track with day or week to view planners, ideal for noting those important classes, meetings and deadlines. Our academic diary range offers pocket diaries for busy students and for those constantly on the move, whilst A4 and A5 sizes offer space and flexibility. Mid- Year Diary 2015-16 Mid Year diaries (often called academic diaries) typically run in a 13-month pattern, end July to the following end of August, tailor-made for teachers, students and others in the education sector. All OBrien academic diaries contain term timetables as well as, UK & International Holidays and Notable Dates, weights and measures, forward planners and more, a wealth of useful information ready to hand at all times.

Personalised Diary

All OBrien pocket, desk and academic diaries can be individually personalised with gold-printed names and initials. Order online, or for more information about this bespoke service feel free to contact the team on 353-1-6266722 during usual office hours.